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Data Base
Choose your Hotel or Pousada (inn) according with
your main interesting points.
Price, Localization and Services.

Search by NAME of the Pousada

Enter the Name of the Pousada (Inn) that you are looking for.
Note: In this data base, you 'll find
information about the pousadas that are
associated to our Reservation Center


Select the area where you would like to stay.

Search by PRICE
High Season
Low Season
Choose the range of Price
that you would like to pay:
Prices on the island VARY a lot bewteen low and highseasson. A hotel can be cheap in high season and costly in low seasson or vice versa. Some hotels fall into different price groups depending on the season. Groupings are based on the fares for double rooms in high and low season.

Search by Attributes "Combo"

'on the beach'
'in the village'
quiet and green


with a pool
with a restaurant
with air condition

Select (only) 1 option of areas and (only) 1 option among those 3 attributes
and press Search, making you own COMBO according your preferences.

Note: Here in Morro de São Paulo, pousadas usually have differents kind of rooms, but it does not mean that all the rooms must have that service. It just mean that at least ONE room at this pousada has this attribute or service shown with the icon in the result page.

Remember that ALL the pousadas and hotels we work with include breakfast in their dialy prices.






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